Hakuba Mountain Beach Coming to Happo-One This July - Hakuba
6月 28, 2019

Hakuba Mountain Beach Coming to Happo-One This July

The Hakuba Tourism Association has announced yesterday (June 27) that they will open the Hakuba Mountain Beach attraction on Happo-One on July 26th 2019. The beach resort themed attraction will be located at 1,400m elevation at Gondola Station on Happo and offer incredible views of the valley including Yatsugatake and Mt. Asama.

The Transition to Four Seasons

This is the latest development plan from the Hakuba Tourism Association whose mission is to make Hakuba a four season resort. Last year the group opened the Iwatake Mountain Harbor Deck serving up delicious baked goods, fresh coffee, craft beers and stunning views year round.

Hakuba Mountain Harbor

Plan for the Beach Resort

The area will be adorned with many of the resort hotel essentials including beach recliners, beach umbrellas, and earth colored benches and tiling evoking poolside vibes. The area will also feature the following:

  • Two gondolas that have been converted into saunas each fitting 4 people
  • 1 Jacuzzi that accommodates 5
  • 2 cold water baths for 4 people
  • 1 tent sauna for 4 people

Food and Drinks

The venue will serve local Hakuba delicacies including Hakuba Pork, Smoked Shinsu Cheese Burgers, Azumino Soft Ice Cream, and Blueberry Parfait. The venue will also have a “cozy wooden” bar offering beachy drinks like sea breeze cocktails, Whiskey Highballs, and much more.

Admission Cost and Hours of Operation

Adults: ¥1,500 for 2 hours and can be reserved 詳細はこのリンクから. Towels can be rented rented for ¥1,100.

The Mountain Beach Bar will be open from July 26 to October 26 everyday from 9:00 to 16:30.

Star Gazing Tours

Two hour tours available starting at 19:00 and they cost ¥2,300 for adults and ¥1,550 for kids.

All night tours also available. They begin at 20:00 and guests receive breakfast at 6:00 before returning down the mountain. These tours cost ¥6,900 for adults and ¥4,500 for kids.

Winter Plans

The Tourism Association has proposed maintaining the saunas in the Hakuba Mountain Beach area during winter so skiers can take in the valley views from 1400m while relaxing in the comfort of the saunas.

: This article was translated from the official press release first appearing in Japanese on PR Times.