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  • 10月 28, 2023

    There are a great number of excellent restaurants in Hakuba but it is not always easy to secure a table once in the village. Planning ahead and reserving your spot at Hakuba’ [...]

  • 10月 28, 2023
    白馬 ナイトライフ&バー


  • 10月 28, 2023
    Snow Peak, Starbucks Officially Open for Business in Hakuba

    The Land Station Hakuba facility, located halfway between Hakuba Station and Happo Informa [...]

  • 10月 28, 2023
    Mimi’s Story- The Best Restaurant in Hakuba

    Mimi’s: Hakuba’s #1 Restaurant It’s not surprising that Mimi’s Restaur [...]

  • 10月 28, 2023
    Hakuba’s Luxury Dining

    Who said a ski holiday doesn`t have to include a great culinary experience! Hakuba can d [...]