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にある 10のスキー場




2日券¥19,000¥10,900Valid for 2 days of skiing over a 3 day period
3日券¥28,200¥15,900Valid for 3 days of skiing over a 5 day period
4日券¥37,400¥20,900Valid for 4 days of skiing over a 7 day period
5日券¥46,600¥26,100Valid for 5 days of skiing over a 9 day period
6日券¥55,900¥31,300Valid for 6 days of skiing over a 10 day period
7日券¥65,100¥36,500Valid for 7 days of skiing over a 11 day period
8日券¥74,300¥41,600Valid for 8 days of skiing over a 13 day period
9日券¥83,500¥46,300Valid for 9 days of skiing over a 14 day period
10日券¥92,700¥51,400Valid for 10 days of skiing over a 15 day period
Valid for 11 days of skiing over a 17 day period
12日券¥¥Valid for 12 days of skiing over a 19 day period
13日券¥¥Valid for 13 days of skiing over a 20 day period
14日券¥¥Valid for 14 days of skiing over a 22 day period

How it Works

Please note the Hakuba Valley lift passes have changed for the 2023/24 season and these will no longer be delivered to your accommodation. Instead you will receive a PDF with a QR code 2 weeks before your arrival, and will present this to the ticket window staff or at a SKIOSK vending machine to redeem your lift pass when in resort.

You can present your QR code either printed or displayed on your smartphone screen. You will not be able to redeem your lift ticket without your QR code and pickup code, so please be sure to have them ready. The lift ticket is a card with IC Chip, the gates will automatically scan your card when you go through the gates.

The lift ticket allows you to use the Hakuba Valley shuttles for free, however please note that once the pass is scanned for the shuttle it is activated for that day.