Double Black Hotel - Hakuba

ダブル ブラックホテル

Modern Dining and Lounge Bar
Open 7 Days a week
Lounge Bar Happy Hour 16:30-18:00
Restaurant 18:00-22:00


The Executive Chef and Double Black Hotel team collaborate closely with local suppliers to create a menu that celebrates the best of local sustainable produce and game meat.

With a culinary passion ignited by years of experience, the DBH team brings a diverse background of expertise to their kitchen. Drawing inspiration from various culinary journeys, team members have worked at a diverse collection of renowned establishments including Michelin-starred Manor House Hotel in Castle Combe UK, Coleman Griffin’s Shiga-based SOWER, and other fine dining establishments both in Japan and abroad mastering their craft. This wealth of experience has now been incorporated into their modern cooking, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all their guests.

Phone Number: 0261-85-4668

Online reservations can be made 詳細はこのリンクから


〒399-9301 Nagano, Kitaazumi District, Hakuba, Hokujo Wadano 4977-1