Should I Buy the Hakuba Valley Lift Pass? - Hakuba
July 18, 2021

Should I Buy the Hakuba Valley Lift Pass?

The Hakuba Valley Lift Pass gives holders access to 10 Mountains, 200+ runs, and 90+ lifts all with the same pass. This powerful pass is the key to all of Hakuba’s powdery fun and is quite affordable compared to other resorts around the world. But is it right for me? Hard to say, but you’ll certainly know after reading through this blog.

We’ll outline the following:

  • Where Can I use the Pass?
  • How Much is the Hakuba Valley Lift Pass?
  • What are the Benefits?
  • Where do I Buy the Hakuba Valley Lift Pass?
  • How Much are Day Passes at Individual Resorts?
  • Is Night Skiing Included?
  • I have the Epic Pass
  • How to Buy a Season Pass

Where Can I Use the Pass?

Hakuba All Valley Pass Holders have access to  200+ runs and 90+ lifts on the following 10 resorts:

  • Happo One
  • Iwatake
  • Tsugaike 
  • Hakuba 47
  • Goryu
  • Cortina
  • Norikura
  • Jiigatake
  • Kashimayari
  • Sanosaka

How Much is the Hakuba All Valley Pass?


1 day ticket¥8,500¥4,900Valid only on the day of purchase
2 day ticket¥16,100¥9,200Valid for 2 days of skiing over a 3 day period
3 day ticket¥24,000¥13,500Valid for 3 days of skiing over a 5 day period
4 day ticket¥32,100¥17,900Valid for 4 days of skiing over a 7 day period
5 day ticket¥39,900¥22,400Valid for 5 days of skiing over a 9 day period
6 day ticket¥47,900¥26,800Valid for 6 days of skiing over a 10 day period
7 day ticket¥55,900¥31,300Valid for 7 days of skiing over a 11 day period
8 day ticket¥63,100¥35,300Valid for 8 days of skiing over a 13 day period
9 day ticket¥70,500¥39,100Valid for 9 days of skiing over a 14 day period
10 day ticket¥77,600¥43,200Valid for 10 days of skiing over a 15 day period
11 day ticket¥84,900¥47,100
Valid for 11 days of skiing over a 17 day period
12 day ticket¥92,200¥51,100Valid for 12 days of skiing over a 19 day period
13 day ticket¥99,400¥55,100Valid for 13 days of skiing over a 20 day period
14 day ticket¥106,800¥59,200Valid for 14 days of skiing over a 22 day period

Perks Of the Pass

  1. The pass gives you access to all 10 mountains listed above. Obvious but important.
  2. Free transportation on shuttles to every resort. Without the pass, shuttle rides can be as much as ¥500 each trip (some are free regardless).
  3. No need to wait in line every morning to buy a pass, missing first lifts and first lines.

Where Do I Buy the Hakuba Valley Lift Pass?

You can order the Hakuba All Valley Pass right now by clicking the red button below and submitting your information. We will have your pass waiting for you at your accommodation reception desk so you can hit the slopes as soon as you arrive.

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Other Options

  1. Some of the larger hotels can arrange for passes to be delivered to your room prior to arrival. In this case, you can pay the bookings team directly. Hotels can only sell passes for periods of 7 Days or shorter.
  2. Travel agents such as Liquid Snow Tours or Mountainwatch can arrange for passes to be included in your package. This is a convenient way to keep your accommodation, flights, and add-ons all together in one bundle.
  3. The Ticket Office at the lifts sell tickets and you can always purchase your tickets in person there.

Day Pass

Each individual resort sells single day passes with prices varying between ¥5,500 and ¥ 3,700. The resorts on the outer edges of the valley are naturally more affordable and each resort offers half day passes for roughly half the price of full day passes.

Resort NameAdultChildren
Hakuba All Valley¥6,471¥,3765
Hakuba 47/ Goryu¥5,000¥3,200

Night Skiing

Night skiing is not included on the Hakuba Valley Pass. You can night ski at Happo, Goryu, and Tsugaike for the following rates:

  • Tsugaike     ¥1,700 for Kids and ¥2,200 for Adults
  • Happo One ¥1,300 for Kids and ¥2,100 for Adults
  • Goryu            ¥1,300 for Kids and ¥2,500 for Adults

I Have the Epic Pass

Great! Epic Pass, Epic Local Pass, Epic Australia Pass holders for 2019/2020 receive 5 days of complimentary riding included with their pass. Simply head to the ticket office on resort and show them your ID and your Epic Pass and they will issue you a 5 Day Hakuba All Valley Pass.

Season Pass

For those coming to work the season an All Valley Season Pass is a great option.  These passes can only be purchased through the Hakuba Valley Site and get progressively more expensive as the season draws nearer. If you know you’re working the season, best to buy early.

Hakuba Valley All-Mountain season pass holders also receive 50 percent off lift ticket prices at all Vail owned and operated resorts.


Until September 30 Adult 99,800 yen Child 53,000yen

Until November 30 Adult 118,800 yen   Child 63,000yen

From December 1  Adult 132,000 yen Child 71,000 yen

How to Buy

Visit the Valley Site and enter your information in the form provided. A representative will handle your request over email and you can pay via credit card.

When you arrive in Hakuba bring your confirmation email and an ID to one of the following places to retrieve your pass:

  • Happo Information Center
  • Hakuba Goryu Escal Plaza
  • Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort 
  • Hakuba Village Government office Hall 2F

Reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions about the pass or if you would like to buy the Hakuba Valley Lift Pass prior to your arrival.

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