The Best Hakuba Summer Restaurants | 2020 | Brunch | Pubs | Japanese
August 2, 2021

Hakuba Summer Restaurants

Where To Eat in Hakuba this Summer

Hakuba is a awash with delicious dining options all year round! Here we will detail 20 of our favorite eateries all within the most popular villages of Happo, Echoland, and Wadano.

Note: We’ve included each restaurant’s phone number and social media account as summer hours change frequently. It’s best to contact them before visiting.

Brunch and Coffee

Brunch and coffee are not the first things that come to mind when you imagine a Japanese ski town. However, Hakuba has dozens of cafes with an international flair.

Sounds Like Cafe

Sounds Like Cafe is among the most popular breakfast and lunch venues in Hakuba and a must visit for those staying in the Echoland area. They serve barista made coffees, full breakfast, and a great lunch menu of burgers, pulled pork and more!  We love the Spicy Chicken Burger, but there is no wrong choice at Sounds Like Cafe.

Sounds Like Cafe Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-72-2040

Location: Echoland

Lion Cafe

Lion Cafe is located across the street from the Happo Bus Terminal and is an excellent choice for breakfast or lunch. The most popular item on the menu may be the Samurai Chicken Burrito, but you can’t go wrong with anything here. There are options for vegetarians as well.

Lion Cafe Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-72-3860

Location: Happo Village


Hakuba Starbucks officially opened in May of 2020 and it has been a massive draw for weekend Japanese visitors. Starbucks is located in the beautiful Snow Peak Land Station facility, which sits halfway between Happo Bus Terminal and Hakuba Station. The mountain views here are truly incredible.

Snow Peak Facebook

Phone Number:  090-2524-4555

Location: Between Hakuba Station and Happo Village

Western Style Lunch and Dinner

Pizza, Pub food, Italian, Fine Dining, Mexican,  Hakuba has it all. Here are some of the excellent options open for summer 2021.


Blizzard is run by Italian head chef, Simone, who serves the best wood-fired pizza in the Hakuba Valley. Blizzard also features great pastas and a delicious cocktail menu. Blizzard is open Thursday-Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Blizzard Instagram

Phone Number: 0261-85-0017

Location: Happo Village

Tap Room

The Tap Room is a favorite of ours as it combines craft beers, a delicious western pub menu, and outdoor patio seating with games and a play area for the kids. It is open Thursday-Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Tap Room Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-75-0075

Location: Happo Village


Refuel is a Japanese owned bar serving a menu that combines Western pub food with Japanese izakaya classics. The staff is warm and inviting, and it’s a fun place to hang out and meet locals over a beer. The Refuel Burger is a dark-horse candidate for best burger in Hakuba.

Bar Refuel Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-85-0907

Location: Happo Village

Luce by Aruise

Luce is an excellent option for coffee and lunch with several options under ¥1,000, including a Wagyu Beef Burger and a Shinshu Salmon Sandwich. There is indoor and outdoor seating and it’s conveniently located across from the Kokusai ski lifts.

Luce Instagram

Phone Number: 0261-85-5008

Location: Lower Wadano



Trip Advisor’s #1 restaurant in Hakuba, Mimi’s the the ultimate Hakuba fine dining experience. While the restaurant is closed for the summer, Mimi’s is offering a special menu for delivery at ¥6,000 and ¥10,000 per person. You must order 2 days in advance.

Mimi’s Facebook

Phone Number:  261-72-4060

Mimi’s Location


Taco Taco

Taco Taco is a Japanese take on Tex-Mex classics like burritos, tacos, enchiladas, nachos and more. It’s a warm atmosphere and perfect for a family dinner.

Taco Taco Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-72-4340

Location: Echoland

Uncle Steven’s

Much like Taco Taco, Uncle Steven’s is a Japanese interpretation of Mexican food. It’s a nice place for the family and often has special deals on margaritas.  It’s located a few hundred meters from the Happo Gondola.

Uncle Steven’s Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-72-7569

Location: Happo Village


More popular bar than sit down restaurant, Mockingbird has a menu of tasty fried foods, noodle based dishes and more. The bar boasts a pool table and opens until late, often becoming quite lively. It’s a favorite of Hakuba locals.

Mockingbird Facebook

Phone Number: 0261 85-2450

Mockingbird Location

Bear’s Cafe & Goldilocks’s Lounge

Bear’s Cafe has a new location but the same great summer lunch menu. They have a full ice cream bar called Polar Bear’s Paradise where you can build your own masterpiece from a selection of homemade ice cream and delicious toppings and then weigh, pay, and enjoy.

Bear’s Cafe’s Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-85-0659

Location: Hakuba Station

Japanese Style Lunch and Dinner

Of course Hakuba is home to wide array of traditional Japanese restaurants, and these are some of our favorites.


Maeda is an excellent lunch time option serving sobas, katsudon, and so much more. It’s located in Happo Village between the Happo Bus Terminal and the Adam Gondola.

Maeda’s Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-72-2295

Location: Happo Village


Hie is perhaps the best izakaya in all of Hakuba. This little gem is  busy even in the green season, so make sure to reserve your table ahead of time. The Hie team speaks limited English, so it’s best to ask your accommodation to call ahead on your behalf.

Hie’s Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-72-8035

Location: Echoland


An authentic Izakaya dining experience, Kichonchon is a family run restaurant located halfway between Happo Village and Hakuba Station. Reservations are not required, but it does get busy on weekends. Kicchonchon serves a special Takoyaki Roulette where one octopus ball in the bunch is loaded with extra spicy sauce. It’s dangerously fun.

Kicchonchon’s Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-72-2833

Location: Between Happo Bus Terminal and Hakuba Station

Zen Soba

Zen Soba is perhaps the most popular soba option in Hakuba and it’s not unusual to have long lines out the door on warm summer days. Zen also does a full izakaya menu which is an excellent option for a night out.

Zen Soba’s Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-72-3637

Location: Mizuho

Tottsuan Ramen

Only a few hundred meters from Hakuba Station, this is a serious contender for best Ramen in Hakuba. The head chef operated a ramen restaurant in Osaka for over a decade, and takes great pains to ensure the broth is a great depth of flavor–it simmers for 12 hours daily.

Tottsuan Ramen’s Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-85-6866


Chitose is an excellent and affordable Tonkatsu restaurant. Tonkatsu, pictured above, is breaded and deep fried pork cutlets. Everyday Chitose offers a 500 yen lunch, and we love ordering the Katsu Curry. While the staff don’t speak much English, there is an English menu with pictures at each table.

Chitose Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-85-0803

Location: Between Happo Bus Terminal and Hakuba Station


Hige, at the foot of Echoland, specializes in curries and has a wide variety of styles ranging from traditional Japanese to South East Asian influenced curries.

Hige’s Facebook

Phone Number: 0261-85-0499

Hige’s Location: Echoland

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