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October 28, 2021

Tetsu Suda

Tetsu from Bar Refuel

Bar Refuel is an institution in Hakuba. It’s a mainstay among locals in the green season looking for a place to unwind over a good meal and a few drinks. Everything from the layout of the bar, the artsy decor adorning the walls, to the friendly culture of the staff creates an atmosphere that is warm and inviting– a place where strangers become friends.

In the winter Bar Refuel transforms into one of Hakuba’s most lively bars, with DJs, dancing and drinks galore.

Tetsu Suda is the man who built Refuel. And I quite literally mean built. He hand crafted the bar counter, the table tops, and the decorations. He’s a handy man by hobby. After several years of operating, he opened a second location in the Goryu area called, Nabura.




Below is a brief conversation with Tetsu.
When and why did you come to Hakuba?

I first came to Hakuba for the 2000/21 winter season because I wanted to ski every day.

Why do you love Hakuba?

Hakuba is a place that is so beautiful for all 4 seasons it heals the mind for 4 seasons. It is a place where you can meet multinational people and interact with various cultures and ways of thinking.

What’s your goal or dream in your hakuba life?

I have spent almost half of my life in Hakuba. I want to give back to this village as it has helped me grow so much through skiing. My dream is to create and support an environment where people who are as serious as myself about skiing and snowboarding can ski as much as they want.

What’s your favorite Hakuba moment?

My favorite Hakuba moments are the times I’ve spent on the mountain in the morning.

What’s your favorite mountain? Do you ski or snowboard?

There are many slopes in Hakuba Valley, and it is difficult to decide the number one because each has different merits and ways of enjoying, but I mainly ski on Happo One.

What does Nabura mean? Why did you choose this name?

Even Japanese people may not be familiar with the term. It is a term used by fisherman and it means “a place where schools of gather”. Although Hakuba is such a deep mountain, I named it because I wanted it to be a place that was crowded like Nabla.

What do you recommend on the menu?

We serve 7 types of hamburgers. Among them, the Superior Burger is the largest and I recommend this one for Refueling after a day on the mountain. 

Final Note

Bar Refuel and Nabura are among our favorite places in Hakuba and is a must visit for nightlife lovers this winter. You can learn more about the venues by visiting the links below.

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