Cortina Green Season Resort | The Hakuba Valley


Cortina is well known among snow-enthusiasts as Hakuba’s powder snow capital. Few, however, are familiar with Cortina’s summer offerings. Despite being a small resort on the edge of The Hakuba Valley, there are several attractions here worthy of a visit.


Green Plaza Hotel
Cortina Adventure Park
English Garden
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Green Plaza Hotel

First and foremost, the Green Plaza Hotel is a spectacular building dominating the base of the ski slope. It is the largest hotel in Hakuba and built in the English Tudor style. The lobby is an incredible 6 stories high and the hotel features shopping in addition to three restaurants. Green Plaza hotel has one of Hakuba’s most impressive onsen offerings with 8 baths and a sauna.

Cortina has an Adventure Park similar to EX Hakuba Adventure in Iwatake. Here guests can enjoy obstacle courses and rope ways in the forest of Cortina. There is also an English Garden located on the Cortina Resort which is an excellent place to enjoy a walk.