Restaurants / Apres


Jack’s Sports Bar

Happo Village +81 261-72-5070

At Jack’s Sport Bar there’s always something going from live music one night, to karaoke the next.

The Rabbit Hole

Wadano +81 261 85 0808

Some of the best burgers in town accompanied by an excellent selection of beer, wine and spirits on hand.

Mocking Bird

Echoland 0261-85-2450

Mocking bird is a unique and exciting bar in the heart of Echoland with a great selection of drinks and food.

Master Braster

Echoland +81 261-72-2679

Master Braster is an upbeat Reggae bar with a dance floor to move on and a great selection of beers.

The Beach Bar

Wadano 0261-72-5400

Located in the heart of Wadano Area, The Beach Bar offers a variety of tropical drinks, food and entertainment including live music and DJ’s to keep the party going.

Cherry Pub

Echoland +81 261-72-2343 Pub

Cherry Pub in Echoland is the best place in Hakuba to fill up after a long day on the slopes. Get stuck into a big schnitty, try the sumptuous BBQ pork ribs, or get those hands dirty on some delicious buffalo wings.  With an indoor fireplace and a large selection of whiskeys Cherry Pub is the place to while the winter night away.


Mimi’s Restaurant & Bar

Wadano +81 261-72-4060 Contemporary Fine Dining

An elegant, warm environment in which to relax and enjoy the finest food, wine and service in Hakuba!

Marillen Restaurant

Nakiyama slopes +81 (0)261 85-0198 European

The restaurant features delicious European cuisine and hearty German favourites such as cheesy fondue, steaks and grills, house-made sausages, schnitzel and pretzel sandwiches

The Rabbit Hole

Wadano +81 261 85 0808

Some of the best burgers in town accompanied by an excellent selection of beer, wine and spirits on hand.


Hakuba Springs Hotel, Happo +81 261-85-246 Japanese

Sharaku offers delicious modern Japanese food with a focus on fresh seafood and sushi.


Echoland +81 261-72-7133 Japanese

Sarugaku has a wide-ranging and exhaustive menu, with everything on the menu being almost as enjoyable as the next. Must tries include: Pork Belly, Garlic Fried Rice (sounds simple but is amazing) and Salmon & Avacado.


Misorano +81 261-72-4445 Yakiniku Restaurant

Senzankaku is a Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant located on the main road of Hakuba down past the train station. Gather around your own BBQ grill (on your table) and cook various cuts of meat over coal while sharing a cold beer or two.


Hakuba-Cho +81 261-72-3633 Japanese

Arguably the best sushi and sashimi in Hakuba, Kikyoya has long been a favourite with tourists and locals alike. Walls adorned in glowing reviews, a traditional tatami setting and a more than amiable host make Kikyoya a restaurant not to miss for any sushi and sashimi enthusiast.


Echoland +81 261-85-2723 Japanese

Bos is cosy and quaint, but this adds to the intimacy of this Echoland jaunt. Cooked on a hotplate in front of you, Bos serves up Hakuba’s best Okinomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake).


Echoland +81 261-72-8035 Japanese

Hie serves up a range of Japanese fare to suit almost every taste bud. Nestle into one of the cosy booths and order up a fried potato salad or a range of skewered meats.


Wadano +81 261-72-7788 Japanese

Hummingbird exudes a “homely” vibe and is run by a Japanese couple who are well known for their friendly nature and hospitable character. The food has a focus on fresh and quality seasonal ingredients, with ginger pork a highlight.

Niku Masa

Misorano +81 261-85-2920 Steak House

Niku Masa is fast garnering a name for itself as one of the best steak houses around. The steak literally melts in your mouth and is cooked to perfection. The ambience radiates warmth with a wood stove in the corner and the service from the husband and wife duo is outstanding.

Osteria Bovoletti

Echoland +81 261-85-0631 Italian

Osteria Bovoletti in Echoland serves up hand-made fresh pastas that will have you thinking you’re in Tuscany, not Hakuba. Serving sizes are not huge, however what they lack in size they make up in flavour.

Teppanyaki Steak Sanno

Echoland +81 80-5517-1060 Fine Dining Japanese

Teppanyaki Steak Sanno take only one booking per night and makes for a unique Japanese experience featuring high quality Wagyu steak grilled in front of you in true Teppan style. With only six seats in the whole restaurant, the atmosphere is intimate and distinctively Japanese.

Uncle Stevens

Happo +81 261-72-7569 Happo

Uncle Stevens has you covered with a great range of Mexican options to whet your appetite, including tacos, enchiladas and burritos. Wash down with a Corona, or margarita, or a shot of tequila, and your Mexican fiesta will be complete.


Happo +81 261-72-8035 Japanese

Zen bills itself as a Soba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant but, despite doing amazing Soba, is much more than that. Fried chicken lovers will delight as Zen’s Karaage might just be some of the best in Hakuba, while the Teriyaki Chicken Wings will have you coming back for more.


Sounds Like Cafe

Echoland +81 261-72-2040

Sounds Like Cafe is the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or a snack in the heart of Echoland.